2023 — The Year the Unexpected Took The Wheels

Paul Stephen Edache
2 min readJan 7, 2024

2020, 2021, 2022, now 2023 — This is going to be a brief read!

I was 10 months into my NYSC program, filled with thoughts about what would happen next. Left to ponder this, I spent the last two weeks of 2022 on a personal retreat. Unable to come up with a tangible roadmap, I handed it all over to God. Asking Him to pilot the affairs of my life was everything. Guess what? He did.

My 2022 investment in network growth hacking paid off in January when someone remarkable reached out to ask if I knew about Dr. Linus Okorie MFR. I consulted Gen Z favorite oracle — Google. I was thunderstruck to learn about an ongoing masterclass valued at 500k at the GOTNI Leadership Centre for Media Professionals. Intrigued, I applied for the 500k worth Masterclass and I was selected.

During the Masterclass, the program manager, Blessing, requested a new headshot, stating the previous one was unsuitable. Despite this, my application stood out among 600 applicants, securing my place among the 40 selected participants.

In same month, I was selected for the 2023 Baobab Platform Mentorship Program by Mastercard foundation. Where I received 1:1 mentorship from a vetted mentor.

I had an {Awesome + Amazing } ~ Awemazing time serving/working with Southern Fried Chicken as an ICT Software Engineering, its been a year already and its that time where I change my title from being called a “Corper” to “Ex-Corper”. Excited, I wore my Khaki to the NYSC camp to collect my certificate, only to be told they couldn’t find it. The Officials asked if I really served? ah, I served o!

I was dishearted, everyone around me were happily taking pictures with their certificates and here’s me — wailing in hearts and questions running through my head. Patricia came by and asked what was wrong, aided the moment — compelled me to take her certificate instead — forcing me to smile. I had to take some shots with my CDS certificate & stayed positive. The officials asked me to report to the HQ to retrieve my certificates — Idan.

I returned to Southern Fried Chicken to discuss my next steps with the executives, who directed me to the HR office to pick up my retention letter. Simultaneously, I was submitting my resignation letter. Nodding at the retention offer, I realized it was a very difficult decision to make.

A lot happened during this phase of transition that I will be writing about here. Weeks later, I newly resumed at an organization as the “Head of Training & Strategy.” I also joined the Local Organizing Committee for the IndabaX Nigeria Conference.

…to be updated.



Paul Stephen Edache

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