Managing Failure

Paul Stephen Edache
2 min readJan 20, 2022

Many times, you’ve tried to achieve a goal, but you couldn’t. You’ve locked yourself behind the door to cry your soul our “Oh, who will come to my rescue, because I have failed again”.

Conjure up in your mind that big failure of your life. You might even be experiencing it now. I failed again!!! I’m only dissipating all my energies!

Spoken words of counsel and encouragement might be out of reach when you’re down. This is why you need to study how to manage failure, while you are on a journey to success.

Reasons, why some people fail — is because they spend a whole lot of time, studying success — ignoring how to manage failure when its surfaces.

Here’s a simple hacks,

Don’t just study success, Study Failure too. If you study failure, you will know how not to fail.

If 80% of the people are going to fail or are not going to reach their target and only 20% of the people do. If you study only the 20%, then you are making a big mistake because you already have an 80% chance of losing without you knowing. You need to study why 80% of people fail. By doing this, you’re already on the verge of winning.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Failure veneer of composure cracked a little. If you fail — try again, because you were not born a failure.

Until you fail — Keep trying again.



Paul Stephen Edache

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